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October 25, 1935, Page 1

Day and Evening Session Teachers
      Organize Union Against Reaction

To Sponsor Lectures by Prominent Liberals at Monthly Meetings:
      Dr. Cox ato Speak Tonight at First General Meet-
            ing on "Education Faces Reaction"

            Members of the staffs of the Brooklyn College day and evening sessions. Have organized a Union against Reaction which will meet regularly every month and will sponsor lectures by prominent liberals.

            According to a letter written by the Executive Committee of the new organization, and signed by Doris Fox Bernadete, instructor in English in the Evening Session, the group will invite such men as John T. Flynn, Dr. Sherwood Eddy, Oswald Garrison Villardi, and George N. Shuster to speak. The first general meeting will be held tonight at 7:30 in 69C. Professor Philip W. Cox of New York University will speak on "Education Faces Reaction."

            In the preamble to the constitution, the aims of the organization are explained:

            "We, members of the staffs of Brooklyn College, consider it necessary at this time to organize to oppose conditions leading to the curtailment of educational facilities and the suppression of our civil rights and academic freedom. We recognize that recent occurrences in American colleges have been bringing this danger nearer to us. We have in mind such phenomena as the penalization and dismissal of students and teachers for anti-war activity and for expression of opinion on social and political trends. We fear that these movements are tending in the direction of Fascism. We regard such manifestations as a grave threat, in that they can result only in the degradation of art, science, and culture, intense nationalism, racial discrimination and the suppression of civil and academic freedom, militarization, the lowering of the standards of living, and the denial of equality to women.

            "We therefore pledge ourselves actively to assist the forces fighting such reactionary Fascist movements."


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