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October 25, 1935, Page 1

Council To Discuss
Program For Youth

            The program of the American Youth Congress and its application in Brooklyn College will he discussed at an open meeting called by the Women's Student Council. to be held Wednesday at 12:15 in 27P. The Congress, which met in Detroit last .summer, pledged itself to organize American youth on the platform of "Peace, Freedom, and Progress."

            Waldo McNutt, national chairman of the American Youth. Congress and a delegate of the Rocky Mountain Y.M.C.A. William Hinckley, editor of New American. and Al Erlich, president of Men's Council will be the chief speakers. Other speakers include Eli Jaffe, editor of Pioneer, and Sylvia Wenner, former vice-president of Student Council, both delegates to the Detroit Convention of the American Youth Congress. Sivia Friedman, Council delegate to the Congress, will act as chairman of the meeting.


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