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Editorial, October 25, 1935, Page 2


            As the toll of the dead and wounded on the African battlefield mounts higher, as Europe and America, already armed to the teeth, continue to increase their armament expenditures, as schools and colleges throughout the world are forcibly militarized, the people who will be mercilessly butchered in the event of war are joining in a movement for the establishment and maintenance of peace.

            It is unnecessary to repeat that we students will be the victims of a war if it comes. It is equally unnecessary to say that we will not, we shall not permit ourselves to be made such victims. It is necessary, however, to maintain our opposition by concrete action.

            The opportunity for such a demonstration is soon to come.

            On November 8 students and teachers throughout the country will hold a demonstration for peace, where they will proclaim their aversion to war, their support of genuine neutrality legislation to prevent entanglements of the United States in war, and their demands for a demilitarization of educational organizations. On November 8 all who earnestly and sincerely wish for peace will join these demonstrations.

            Even before November 8, however, there is work to be done. Today at 1:30 a peace meeting is being held in 602aL, to which all clubs, sororities, and fraternities have been urged to send representatives.

            The vital importance of every college group's uniting in this peace movement cannot be overemphasized, the necessity of a representative from every phase of student activity working for the establishment of a permanent peace organization cannot be stressed too often.

            You must show your opposition to war by joining in this peace movement.


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