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Editorial, October 25, 1935, Page 2


            Student Council is holding a meeting Wednesday in order to familiarize the students of Brooklyn College with the program and activities of the American Youth Congress.

            This congress, a united-front organization representing 1,350,000 young people from factories, farms, and schools, is based on the needs and problems of a "lost generation" of youth, and urges "Peace, Freedom, and Progress," as a basic slogan around which all youth must rally.

            "We do not want to die. We assert our right to peace and our determination to maintain peace." Thus the historic Declaration of Rights of American Youth, which was adopted on July 4, 1935, proclaims the inalienable rights of American youth in the same spirit that the Revolutionary fathers of 1776 did.

            The American Youth Congress deserves the full support of every Brooklyn College Student. All should attend the Council meeting in 17P on Wednesday.


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