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October 25, 1935, Page 3

J. Cohen
Discusses League of Nations
At Anti-War Rally

Speaker Stresses Necessity Of
      United Peace Action
            By Working Class

            Declaring that the lengthy debates to determine the cause of war have been answered by the present Italo-Ethiopian conflict, Joseph Cohen, Brooklyn College graduate and editor of the Young Worker, called for concrete action for peace by the student body at the meeting of the Anti-War League Wednesday.

            Mr. Cohen discussed the various powers, and interests in Ethiopia, emphasizing those of British imperialism, which need the waters of Ethiopia to irrigate its cotton plantations in Africa, and Ethiopian ports as a route to the East. "We are dealing with a conflict of imperialist nations, all fighting for ends which will bring profit to their own ruling classes,' he said.

            "It is unfortunate;" said Mr. Cohen, "that the call to the student mobilization or November 5 asks for complete neutrality in the United States, with no shipment of war material to the belligerent nations. Neutrality can mean one of two things," continued the speaker, "either we do nothing against Italian fascism or for Ethiopian independence; or we oppose both countries on the same basis as warring nations."

            Mr Cohen likened the Italian slogan "localize the present war" to a stand of complete neutrality. He showed how anyone opposed to fascism, and believing in the struggle of colonial peoples for independence could not be neutral. On the other hand, the American bankers, with $400,000,000 invested in Italy ,will make every effort to protect their interests.

            In answer to those who state that sanctions will lead to war, Mr. Cohen declared that it is in the present advance of Italian fascism on Ethiopia that the basis of a new world war can be found. "By all means keep the United States out of war," insisted the speaker, "Keep the United States out of war by fighting Italian fascism, since the present conflict, if not stopped, will eventually lead to a new world war."

            "Action," concluded Mr. Cohen, "and unity of action is the key to the way to meet the war situation."


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