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October 25, 1935, Page 3

Will Voice Demands
For Peace Saturday
In 'People's March'

Initiating Committee Requests
      United Action Against
            Italian Fascism

            An appeal to the students of New York to support and participate in a Peoples' March for Peace to be held tomorrow was issued by the initiating committee for the march. The committee represents a wide united front at anti-war, labor, religious, and educational organizations.

            "Only the united will of all peoples opposed to war will slop Mussolini. Only unity of action by all friends of peace will prevent world war." declares the call, appealing to all organizations opposed to war to forget their differences of affiliations in an action which expresses the peoples' desire for the preservation of peace. Among the signers of the appeal are Waldo McNutt, national chairman of the American Youth Congress, for People's March for Peace Committee; The Committee for Ethiopian Independence; Dorothy McConnell, daughter of Bishop Francis J. McConnell; and Dr. Harry F. Ward. professor of Ethics at Union Theological Seminary,

            Plans for this demonstration against Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia and the threat of world war call for a march on Fifth Avenue to end in a mass outdoor rally at Columbus Circle where persons prominent in the fight against war are expected to speak. There will be two assembly points, one at 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue and the other at 110th Street at Fifth Avenue. The two contingents will meet at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue and march together across 59th Street to Columbus Circle.

            A "Proclamation of Labor" condemning Italy's invasion of Ethiopia, signed by over thirty-five officials of the American Federation of labor, was. issued by the Committee for Ethiopian Independence, one of the organizations which is sponsoring the March for Peace.


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