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October 26, 1934, Pages 1, 3

Vote To Send Letters to City College
For Open Trial of Suspended Students

Student Council Urges Boycott
    Of Sorrell's Cafeteria, At
        Fifth Meeting

           Student Council, after discussing the City College anti-Fascist demonstration at its meeting Wednesday, decided to send letters to President Frederick B. Robinson and Dean Morton Gottschall of City College suggesting that the students suspended because of the anti-Fascist demonstration be granted an open trial with counsel defense. It was further suggested that freedom of speech be granted to all students of City College and to their representatives in the Student Council.

           It was also resolved to urge the student body to boycott Sorrell Cafeteria. [A group of Brooklyn College students held an open air meeting on the corner of Pearl and Willoughby streets Wednesday. They were addressed by several students who emphasized the relationship of students and workers. Sorrell workers are asking for recognition of the Food Workers Industrial Union, a weekly salary of fifteen dollars for bus boys, and of twenty-five dollars for countermen.]

           Discussion also centered about the activities of the new interdivisional magazine, Potpourri. A motion was passed stating that Council will support Potpourri financially only up to twenty-five dollars, provided that the Men's Student Council appropriates a like amount.

           The endless controversary [sic] between the Men's and Women's divisions over the choice of a play for Senior Class Night resulted in the women of the Class Night committee returning to Student Council the twenty-five dollars appropriated for that purpose. The debate evolved when the men refused to cooperate with the women after the Interdivisional committee had selected the women's play for the Senior Class Night production. The decision about the plays has now gone to the Faculty committee headed by Professor Thomas E. Coulton of the Speech department.

           The motion concerning the City College demonstration was passed by a twenty-

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four to six vote. Those students voting in the negative were Iris Fletcher, upper sophomore representative; Muriel Levitt, lower sophomore representative; Marie Saladino, president of Interclub Council ; 'Theresa Trifari, president of A. A.; and Ethel Young, upper senior representative.

           The Sorrell Cafeteria motion was carried by a twenty-three to four vote. Those who voted in the negative are Judith P. Cohen, chairman of Varsity; Marie Saladino, president of Interclub Council; Theresa Trifari, president of A. A.; and Lucille Unger, chairman of the Junior-Freshman committee.

           The question of the financial support for Potpourri was objected to on the grounds that the deficit might be greater than Council might be liable for this additional sum. Since Council runs a similar risk in supporting all school functions, Helen Friedland, president of Student Council, suggested that the new magazine be supported. "We voted for an Interdivisional magazine, and we should support it now," said Miss Friedland.

           The motion on the above question was passed by a twenty-five to five vote. Grace Ravitch, lower junior representative; Anne Russo, upper senior class president; Molly Schreiber, upper senior representative; Theresa Trifari, president of A. A.; and Beatrice Turetsky, upper junior representative voted against the motion.

           Esther Diamond was elected chairman of the Declamation Contest, which is to be held on December 14.

           Since Lillian Pollock, chairman of Exchanges was unable to attend Council meetings or to devote sufficient time to her duties of practice teaching, sih resigned her position. Lucille Friedlander, chairman of Classification, was elected to succeed her.

           The customary yearly donation of five dollars was granted by Council to the Brooklyn Bureau of Charities.


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