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October 5, 1934, Page 1


           A report on the Second United States Congress Against War, which met in Chicago last week was delivered by David Schreiber at the first meetingof the Anti-War League Wednesday.

           Over 3,000 delegates from trade unions, unemployed groups, tin-war groups, student and youth organizations were present, he said. The outstanding factor was the complete united front achieved. The delegates , agreed on a common program against war and fascism and pledged themselves to fulfill the promises they had made.

           Student organizations from California to New York and from Texas to Canada were represented, Schreiber reported. He told of plans of a nation-wide student anti-war demonstration on November 9 "to counteract the effect of Armistice Day." A proposal was made that every student group choose one topic connected with the working class and study it exhaustively.

           The club went on record as endorsing the demonstration called by the Olympic League on Friday, October 8, at 8:30 p.m. at the German Consulate. Belle Gartner and Rhona November were elected to re-present the Anti-War League.


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