Brooklyn College
City University of New York
The Dinosaur Core;    Fall 2000


Your grade for the course will be based on the scores you receive in two lecture tests and on your grade for the laboratory .

These components will be weighted as follows:

     Midterm Lecture Exam - 33% of term grade
    End Term Lecture Exam - 33% of term grade
             Laboratory Grade - 33% of term grade

The two lecture exams will be written in a multiple choice format. Each will consist of 50 questions based on material covered in the lectures and assigned readings in the text. The midterm exam will cover the first half of the course; the end term exam will cover the second half of the course. The end term exam is therefore not a comprehensive final. There will be no opportunity for extra work in lecture; no papers, no second chances on tests, etc.

Your grade for the laboratory depends on the lab section in which you are enrolled. Your lab instructor will discuss this issue with you during your first lab meeting.