Brooklyn College
City University of New York
The Dinosaur Core;    Fall 2000


Like other Core sections the Dinosaur Core meets for lecture once each week. The weekly lectures will focus on principles of basic geology, and the origin, anatomy, biology, and extinction of dinosaurs. Two lecture tests will be given, one during the middle of the semester, and one at the end.

The laboratories for each section are different.

Section MM4: Students enrolled in the MM4 section will have a "traditional" lab which uses a printed lab manual (can be identified by its red cover). The format and content of this traditional lab will be discussed by your lab instructor at the first lab meeting.

Section MM3: The laboratory for this section is a web-based lab with most work done from home via the internet. The lab work consists of a semester-long research project involving the athletic ability of dinosaurs. A paper summarizing the results of this research will be required at the end of the semester.

Course grades will be determined from the results of the two lecture tests and from the lab work.


The course meets for lectures on Thursday mornings between 9:25AM and 10:40AM in Room 3127 Ingersoll Hall. Laboratory meetings are held on Tuesday mornings at the same time.

The MM4 section will meet for lab in 4215N. The MM3 section will meet in 4152N unless the weekly lab class is replaced by internet work. A schedule of class lab meetings and internet labs for the MM3 section is posted in the "Lab Exercise" site of the Dinosaur Core website.

Each lab will have field trip. The MM4 lab will be going to Central Park. The scheduling for this field trip will be discussed by your lab instructor. The MM3 section will be going to the American Museum of Natural History (see "Field Trip" site of the Dinosaur Core website for further information).