Plate Tectonics Assignment

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To complete this asignment you will need:

A compass (to draw circles)

A ruler

A printout of the map below

Know how to use the compass (clik here to review how to use the compass).

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1. Given the map, the seismograms, the sp graph and the nomogram below, find the epicenter and the intensity of the earthquake.


2. Given the map below find the distance between Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Cape South Africa 10,000,000 years from now. The actual distance between the two cities is right now 3939 in miles and/or 6339 in kilometers. The South American and the African plate are moving away at a rate of 4.1 cm/year. If a plane covers this distance in 8.5 hours traveling at a rate of 460 miles/hour, how long it will take the flight at the same speed 10,000,000 years from now.

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