Are the 'minerals' that I take to supplement my diet the same as those studied in this course? No. Dietary 'minerals' are chemical elements manufactured in an easily digestible form. Since they are made by people, they do not fit the geological definition of a 'mineral'.
What is the difference between a 'rock' and a 'stone'? Colloquially the words 'stone' and 'rock' may be used interchangably. To geologists, a 'stone' is either a piece of rock used in construction or else it is a cut or uncut natural gem or 'gemstone'. In this course, you should adopt the geologists' meaning.
Is a 'pebble' a rock? Yes. Roughly speaking, a pebble is a rounded rock fragment whose size is lies somewhere between that of a small pea and a tennis ball. More precise, technical definitions may be found in a geological dictionary.
How do I find my assigned minerals? Go to the ASSIGNED MINERALS web page. Your six assigned mineral numbers will be found next to you Class ID number.
Do I have to submit worksheet MN-3? No. There is nothing to submit for Minerals Part I.
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