"We gotta analyze the poem! Break it down! Let's look at the first part!"

"What does it tell us, Lulu?"
"Presumably where the Island is located - its latitude and longitude..."

"If we could figure out the latitude and longitude,
then we could go order a modern map of the area!
A detailed map! A contour map! But I don't see how
that verse tells us what we want to know!!"

"Let's break it down into individual clues! Let's list them!
  1. It's the equinox.
  2. The sun is setting at Greenwich.
  3. At the same time as the sun is setting at Greenwich, the sun is at its zenith at the Island.
  4. And at that time, at the Island, the shadows cast by objects are the same height as the objects.
  5. The shadows are cast to the south.
"The first three clues are about time, Lou!
They're going to help us with longitude! Ask Leo!"

"If ye want to find out about longitude,
follow along as we hit the Treasure Trail!"

©David J. Leveson