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Click on the buttons to visit each stage of the journey.

START HERE: The 'Start of the Journey' introduces you to
the characters in the story.
From some interesting scraps of paper
Lou learns of Leo's Treasure Trove.
A mystical poem hints of marvelous gems and minerals.
Lou and Lulu examine an old sea chart of an island on
which treasure is buried.
Another mystical poem offers clues to
the whereabouts of the Treasure Trove.
Lou and Lulu start to decipher the clues,
one by one.
The longitude of the Treasure Island is revealed.
The latitude of the Treasure Island is revealed.
Our heros acquire a modern contour map of the island
and locate Leo's Tooth.
First, they determine how far to go along the azimuth
that points from The Cove towards to Leo's Tooth.
Next, they figure out where to go from the "Telling Spot".
Finally, they reach The Treasure!


Click on the buttons to test yourself out.

A Quiz on Longitude.
A Quiz on Latitude
A Quiz on the Coordinates of Leo's Tooth.
A Quiz on the Azimuth Bearing From The Cove
to Leo's Tooth.
Quiz on the Grid Intersection and Distance.
A Quiz on the Compass Quadrant Bearing of
Magnetic North and of 'False East'.
A Quiz on the Conversion of Leagues to Miles.
A Quiz on the Grid Intersection of the Treasure.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

DON'T FORGET: Leo the Pirate's grinning faces are 'clickable' and will transport
you to where you need to go next along the treasure trail. TRY IT!

David J. Leveson