"So now we know how far to go towards Leo's Tooth! We go to where we cross the 300 meter contour for the third time!"

"Tell me, Lou, what's the closest grid intersection to where our path crosses the 300 meter contour for the third time as we head from the Cove towards Leo's Tooth? (Notice! I'm talking about a grid (intersection, not a grid box!)"

"And then tell me how far that is in miles from where we start at The Cove?! Give me your answer to the nearest tenth of a mile!"

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the answer in the appropriate box and then click the button to the right of it to find out if the answer is correct. Put the capital letter first and then the number, with no space between them - for example, like the Cove is closest to G7!

Nearest grid intersection?: ...Correct? ...

Distance: miles? ...Correct? ...

"Now we know how far to go, we can look at the next part of the instructions!"

  "Don't forget to keep plotting your results on your printed map! IF YOU GOT THE ANSWERS RIGHT, CARRY ON!!"

©David J. Leveson