Part One: Abstracts [30%] (Please note: I prefer you  post the abstracts in Caucus)

An abstract is a summary of something youíve read. For this assignment you will write one paragraph abstracts of two essays in Porterfield, Millerís Errand into the Wilderness and Albaneseís Exchanging Selves, Exchanging Souls.

Each abstract should begin with a statement of the authorís thesis (the main point of the essay). Does the title relate to the thesis in some way? Then go on summarize the most important points the author presents in developing the thesis. Be sure to use your own words instead of quoting from the essays. Refer to the parts of the essay where the thesis and the major points can be found by using page numbers in parentheses.

Part Two: Document Analysis [70%]

Primary sources are the key to understanding events, past and present.  In this part of the assignment, you will compare two views of George Whitfield, the famous revivalist preacher of the Great Awakening. One is by Benjamin Franklin
and the other by Timothy Cutler

 In your analysis, summarize their views of Whitfield and his work. How are they similar and how are they different? How can you explain any differences in their appraisals of Whitfield? Which account do you find more reliable as a source on Whitfield and why?

This analysis should be no longer than two pages (500 words), with normal (11-12) font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced.

In working with the documents, use the guide to the critical reading of primary sources.  

DUE: Please email me this assignment by Sunday, October 9. Use either email address: or As noted above, I'd prefer you post the abstracts in Caucus instead of emailing them.

Please note that although this assignment is meant to be done in a week's time, the break in our class calendar means we will not be meeting on Oct. 5 and 11. So you have extra time. But BE SURE TO GET ME THE ASSIGNMENT BY OCTOBER 9.