Part I [20%] Abstracts

An abstract is a summary of something you’ve read. For this assignment write one-paragraph abstracts of two of Moore’s essays: Touchdown Jesus and The African Future of Christianity.

Each abstract should begin with a statement of the author’s thesis (the main point of the essay). Does the title relate to the thesis in some way? Then go on summarize the most important points the author presents in developing the thesis. Be sure to use your own words instead of quoting from the essays. Refer to the parts of the essay where the thesis and the major points can be found by using page numbers in parentheses.

Part II [80%] Discussion of  Sources

 "Shouting Methodists," an essay by Anne Taves in Porterfield, examines a form of religious experience that was at the heart of 19th-century evangelical revivalism. In a short  discussion (2 pages) summarize her argument, describe what it tells you about evangelical revival religion in 19th-century America, and explain what the essay suggests about how the Second Awakening differed from the first Great Awakening of the 18th century. In your discussion analyze the following documents in Porterfield, explaining how they relate to these questions: Finney (#17) and Jerena Lee (#18).

In working with the documents, use the guide to the critical reading of primary sources.  []

Due: In class on Nov. 9 or by email [ ] no later  than Sunday, Nov. 13.