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He should have gone to the  Online Forum !  

King or Congress?

One of the advantages of the Web is the ability to continue discussion outside of class. A course, ideally, is a learning community that fosters conversation beyond the limits of the classroom. This site will allow students to boost participation, get much more out of the course's materials and, incidentally, improve participation grades. You should plan to  check into this site regularly to read what is posted and to make replies each week.

By clicking on Caucus you will access the server for our Coffeehouse Cyber Forum. When you first access Caucus, you will be asked to join a conference. Join  History 41.2 Sp02.  Follow the directions for joining and jump into the conversation. For detailed instructions on joining Caucus click on GuideTry it now and make your voice heard!

But first read and follow these Guidelines:

bulletNEVER FLAME: Show respect for others in your postings. You have a right to disagree with them but should respect their right to their opinions. Civility in public discourse requires a respect for others.
bulletJUDGE IDEAS NOT PERSONS: Give every contributor a fair hearing by reading what he or she writes regardless of what you may already think you know about the person.
bulletAGREE TO HAVING YOUR IDEAS PUBLISHED: You should understand that this is a public forum. By submitting material you are acknowledging that your statements may be read by people throughout the world.

 This forum is for advancing class discussion and for posting occasional assignments
for everyone to read. If you want to communicate with me privately,
USE E-MAIL -> mail.gif (1969 bytes)

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