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Writing Guide


The second assignment presents four options for your learning pleasure.


        The essay should be four to six typed, double-spaced pages, [between 1000 and 1500 words] with an underlined thesis statement in the first paragraph.  Also use a  title page (with your name and the title of your essay) and attach a brief bibliography of pertinent materials you consulted. This is an essay rather than a research paper, but your comparison must be based on materials you find in the course readings and elsewhere. For advice on writing, consult the Guide to Writing at the course web site.

        You will find a Caucus item for this assignment where you can raise questions and try out ideas as you work.  As always, Iíll be delighted to help by email or office visits.

        The essay is due on or before the last class, Tuesday 15 May.

OPTION 1: Select one chapter from amongst Pelikanís chapters 4 through 18. Each chapter presents an image of Christ that dominated an era. Write an essay on what this chapter suggest about how faith in Christ has affected world history and how historical circumstances has affected faith in Christ. Be sure to relate the image to one of more syllabus topics and to other syllabus reading materials. Be sure that some of the materials you draw on are primary sources from Documents of the Christian Church and /or from the Internet.

OPTION 2: In Part II of Documents of the Christian Church, Sections XIII to XVII deal with 20th century issues. Choose one of those sections and write an essay on a significant issue using some of the pertinent documents.  Be sure to use the documents critically, putting them into historical context, relating them to other course reading such as Chadwick, Noll or Pelikan. 

OPTION 3, Christianity Today: Choose a news item and write an essay putting it into historical perspective. Relate it to topics, issues, or broader trends in Christian history and draw on course readings for context. Be sure to discuss pertinent course readings and sources.

OPTION 4, Communities and People of Christian Faith: Write an essay on a Christian community (like a local church you may know or attend) or a person of faith. If the focus is on an individual, interview the person about his/her faith story and understanding of Christianity. In your essay, describe the subject, the historical background and the way this experience relates to some issues in the larger Christian tradition. Be sure to use course readings and materials in your essay, showing how your subject is an example of some aspect of Christian history.

Contact me in office hours or by E-mail  for advice on any aspect of this assignment.