February 25
Covert Operations

Guatemalan president Jacobo Arbenz, whose supposed communist inclinations helped trigger OPERATION PBSUCCESS. The move toppled the Arbenz government and provided a good look at how Eisenhower used covert operations to wage the Cold War.
Dwight Eisenhower was an old-fashioned Republican in many respects: he believed in the dangers of deficit spending of all types, including on the military. And so his New Look doctrine aimed for a decrease in appropriations for conventional arms and a subsequent increase in funds for nuclear weapons and covert operations. We'll be looking at the effects of two of those operations--in Guatemala and Iran--in today's class.


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bullet Nick Cullather, Secret History: The CIA's Classified Account of Its Operations in Guatemala
bullet Note: the Cullather book is available at Shakespeare, but--I'm sorry--you can no longer print it out for free on-line--our friends at the CIA removed the link!
bullet Gerald Haines, "CIA Assassination Proposals."
bullet Reading notes


bullet CIA Assassination Manual: Guatemala (1952)
bullet PBSUCCESS: the initial plan (1953)
bullet CIA analysis: Guatemala
bullet Provocation Plans: Guatemala, June 1954

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