History 743.2
U.S. Foreign Relations
Mondays at 6.20pm

U.S. foreign relations from the colonial era through the present day.

Readings: Available at Shakespeare Books or on-line, through links below.


  • Research Paper: 50%
  • Participation: 25%
  • Document-Based Presentation (for one week): 13%
  • Study Questions (for one book): 12%


September 6: Introduction

September 11: Revolutionary Foundations

September 18: The New Nation and Foreign Policy

study questions

September 25: Continental Expansion

study questions

Tuesday, October 3: Gilded Age Foreign Policy

study questions

October 9: No classes--Columbus Day

October 16: Progressivism and American Foreign Policy

study questions (Amy, Kristen)

October 23: Wilson

study questions (Stacy, Donald)

October 30:  FDR

study questions (Mark, Natalya)

November 6: Cold War Overview

study questions (Ray, John)

Christine: Von Eschen book

November 13: The United States and the Cuban Revolution

study questions (Jane, Yaffa)

November 20:  Vietnam

study questions (Nick M., Ray)

November 27: The Saudi Alliance

study questions (Eric, Jeffrey)

December 4: The Run-Up to 9/11

study questions (N. Paras)

December 11: Contemporary Foreign Policy Debates

study questions (Sam, Michael)