History Club is back.

The first event is a week from Friday (Oct. 12th), a historical walking tour of "Immigrant New York," the Lower East Side, by Professor Napoli. It starts at 1pm. For History 308 students, lunch (my treat) will be at 12.15pm, at Katz's Deli, recommended by Mr. B. Appell, who will provide us with directions next Thursday in class. If you want to come, please let me know.


October 4

The Great Powers and the Western Hemisphere

A satire of Theodore Roosevelt's decision to "take" the Panama Canal from Colombia. Roosevelt's aggressiveness in this instance, however, was uncharacteristic of his more subtle diplomacy when dealing with the activities of the major world powers in the Caribbean Basin.
This is the first of two classes to examine inter-American affairs during the Progressive Era.  Today we'll be focusing on the interaction between the United States and the hemisphere's major powers, including not only traditional rivals such as England but increasingly aggressive Germany and emerging powers in Brazil and Argentina.  Thursday we'll be looking at the the effects on some of these policies on the nations of the Caribbean Basin.


                Emily Rosenberg, SB 147-171. Reading notes are available.


                Elihu Root, on peace through international law

The first paper assignment is now available. Due in class on October 16, or, basically, any time thereafter.

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