History 308: Schedule of Classes

August 30: The American Revolution in Hemispheric Affairs
September 4: The Latin American Revolutions in Hemispheric Affairs
September 6: Nationalism and Hemispheric Affairs
September 11: The International Scramble for the Caribbean
September 13: Slavery, Sectionalism, and Imperialism
September 18: no class--school holiday
September 20: South America and the Atlantic World
September 25: The Anti-Expansionist Consensus
September 27: no class--school holiday
October 2: The Cuban Revolution and Hemispheric Affairs
October 4: The Great Powers and the Western Hemisphere
October 9: no class--transition day
October 11: The Progressive Consensus
Virtual Session: The Mexican Revolution and Hemispheric Affairs
October 18: Wilsonianism
October 23: Midterm
October 25: Reordering Empire
October 30: Crossroads of Empire, I
November 1: Crossroads of Empire, II
Virtual Session: Good Neighbor Policy
November 8: World War II and Hemispheric Affairs
November 13: A Hemisphere in Transition
Virtual Session: The Guatemalan Revolution and Hemispheric Affairs
November 20: Cuban Missile Crisis
November 22: no class--Thanksgiving
November 27: The Rise and Fall of the Alliance for Progress
November 29: 1964
Virtual Session: Dealing with Dictators
December 6: The Contra War
December 11: Drug Diplomacy
December 13: The Changing Tenor of Inter-American Relations

Background Map: Colombia, pre-independence

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