October 11

The Progressive Consensus

Maryland senator Isidor Rayner, the most articulate opponent of the Roosevelt/Taft Dollar Diplomacy in the Caribbean Basin. We'll be reading parts of one of his speeches for today's class.
The tumultuous regional events of 1901-1912 also encouraged new thinking about the proper US role in the hemisphere. Gradually, a new consensus emerged, one that sought to apply the lessons of progressivism to inter-American relations as part of a broader search for alternatives to intervention.
But implementing this ideology proved quite a challenge. We saw some of the potential problems in the readings for last class on the Dominican Republic; we see more in today's reading on Haiti. And then three documents dealing with a renewed debate on the Monroe Doctrine--from TR himself, Henry Cabot Lodge, and Isidor Rayner.


                Plummer, Haiti and the Great Powers, 1st article, new SB


                "Roosevelt Corollary" to the Monroe Doctrine

                "Lodge Corollary" to the Monroe Doctrine

                "Rayner Corollary" to the Monroe Doctrine

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