September 4

The Latin American Republics in Hemispheric Affairs

Toussaint L'Ouverture, the leader of the Haitian Revolution. A former slave, he headed what was the Western Hemisphere's most radical revolt. In the process, he proved himself a master of diplomacy, playing off the British, French, and Americans against each other to pave the way for Haitian independence.

Remember--the first caucus assignment should be completed before class meets.

Today we begin with our first caucus assignment, which addresses the question, "Did the Latin American revolutions fundamentally change the international relations of the hemisphere?" For reading, we look at a piece on the 1826 Panama convention and then move on to documents dealing with the Monroe Doctrine.


                Gleijeses, "Limits of Sympathy"--reading notes are available

PRIMARY DOCUMENTS: Three of them--start with George Canning's offer of alliance to the US (1823), and then follow the links from there.

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