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I entered Brooklyn College of City University of New York as a freshman undergraduate student in 1994.  In order to explore and satisfy my curiosity about the biological world, I enthusiastically decided to fulfill a degree in biology.  I graduated with a Bachelor in Science at the end of the Fall of 1998. 

    Early in 1999, I started performing biochemical research as post-undergraduate student with Dr. Zhen Huang from the Chemistry Department at Brooklyn College.  Fueled by an intrinsic curiosity about the macromolecular world, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in The Graduate School and University Center of New York.  I joined the program in the Fall semester of 1999.   Currently, I am taking Advanced Enzymology and Physical Biochemistry.  I am planning to take the Sencond Level Examination this summer to advance toward the Ph.D. candidancy.


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