Letter of Intent to Propose a

Ph.D. Program in Curriculum and Policy Studies in Urban Education

These webpages reproduce the revised Letter of Intent (a preliminary proposal) by the Ad Hoc Faculty Committee for Doctoral Studies in Education, which was approved by the Graduate Council of the CUNY Graduate School on December 17, 1998, and accepted by the CAPPR committee of the CUNY Board of Trustees on January 4, 1999 as the basis for development of a Full Proposal. The Chair of the Committee is Professor Jay Lemke, School of Education, Brooklyn College; serving as co-chair is Professor Philip Anderson, Education, Queens College. (A short overview of the proposed program may be found by linking to sections 1 and 4 below. Comments are most welcome. Please note that there may be some minor editorial differences between the version here and the official printed document; these will be corrected as soon as possible. The material included here also contains supplementary information in two appendices that was required by the Graduate School, but was not required by CAPPR and the Office of Academic Affairs and was not part of the document voted on by the Trustees.)


Table of Contents

1. Purposes and Goals of the Proposed Ph.D. Program in Urban Education

2. Need for and Benefits from the Proposed Program

3. Prospective Students

4. Overview of the Proposed Program

5. Research Focus Of the Proposed Program

6. Relations to Master's Degree and Other CUNY Doctoral Programs

7. The 5 Core Courses

1. The Structure of Social Knowledge

2. Historical Contexts of Urban Education

3. Logics of Inquiry

4. Pedagogy and the Urban Classroom

5. Educational Policy

8. Program Concentrations

A. Curriculum Studies:

Arts, Humanities, and Social Studies Option
Mathematics, Science, and Technology Option

B. Policy Studies

9. Area Seminars, Colloquia, and Electives

10. Implementation Issues: Teaching Faculty and Cost Assessment

11. List of Participating CUNY Faculty

12. Members of the Faculty Advisory Groups

Appendix A. Core Course Outlines and Bibliographies

Appendix B. Sample Research Topics