Proposal for a Ph.D. Program in Urban Education

The Graduate School and University Center of The City University of New York


1 Purposes and Goals of the Proposed Program

2 Need for and Benefits from the Proposed Program

3 Prospective Students

4 Overview of the Proposed Program

5 Research Focus of the Proposed Program

6 Relations to CUNY Master's Degree and Doctoral Programs

7 The Five Core Courses

8 Studies Specializations

9 Area and Program Seminars, Colloquia, and Electives

10 Implementation Issues: Teaching Faculty and Cost and Resource Assessment

11 Budget Projections

12 Participating CUNY Faculty

13 References

Appendix A. Letters of Support

Appendix B. Descriptions of Courses

Core Courses

Core 1. The Structure of Social Knowledge

Core 2. The Historical Context of Urban Education

Core 3. Logics of Inquiry

Core 4. Pedagogy and the Urban Classroom

Core 5. Educational Policy

Research Methods Courses

Appendix C. Faculty Curricula Vitae

Appendix D. Reports of Outside Evaluators

Appendix E. Ph.D. Programs in Education: New York Metropolitan Area