Brooklyn CollegePolitical Flyers & Papers
  January 20, 1938

 This handwritten flyer, hard to read in the original, scanned
poorly; the text is reproduced below:

    Again have we, the Kingsman Fusion Party, been misconstrued.  There is an opinion circulating that the K F Party supports the R.O.T.C.  This is entirely false.  The KF Party has never admitted it supports this group.  We are an honest liberal party and will not accept any “jingoist” body on our campus.
     The primary reason we students have entered Brooklyn College has been to get a liberal education.  We the KF party recognize this point and will further it.  We will not bewilder the students with outside political issues but will strive to make the short stay at Brooklyn College most enjoyable.  For this reason, we stand for that which the students desire.  We admit the students are interested in political and economic issues.  But they are interested also in their school.  We have been guided by their preferences and have formed a platform that stands first and foremost for Brooklyn College.

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