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Letter, April 11, 1935, Page 2

Note: This letter is responding to a letter of April 5, 1935, written by F.L.

What I Think!

To the Editor:

            Be reasonable, Miss F. L., you don't really mean to deny me the freedom of the press. There is no fun in tying your opponent's hands before knocking him down. Besides, it is poor sportsmanship. You must have written your letter in one of your weak moments. After all we are both students. Of course I am not as high up as you are, but give me time. I may even fill your shoes some day.

            In my letter, which has aroused some comment, I simply meant to hint that those who claim that the student's interest lies with the working class, may possibly be talking through their hats or curls; and I suggested a simple test. That is, if organized labor is willing to give up its time to fight for our interests as we are doing for theirs. There may be a possibility that we form a class by ourselves, whose interest is neither identical with the capitalistic or labor classes. Those who ate interested in it, may find it to their advantage to read up on the treatment received by college graduates or the educated class at the hands of the commune of Paris of the Bolsheviki after the revolution. If that is too much for our high-brows, let them ask the unemployed teachers whether the employed teachers, who are affiliated with labor share with them either their work or their pay.

                   Florence Nesk



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