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Editorial, April 5, 1935, Page 2


Anti-War strike

            Arguments against the anti-war strike similar to some of those contained in the Newman Club letter in today's Open Forum have been voiced in several quarters.

            The Newman Club declares itself opposed to war but "it objects to fascism no more than it does to communism." The necessity for linking anti-fascism with anti-war sentiment is clearly explained by the two chief proponents of fascism. Mussolini: "Fascism believes neither in the possibility nor the utility of perpetual peace–war alone brings up to its highest tension all human energy and puts the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to meet it Fascism provides the best form of political organization to meet the exigencies of war."

            Hitler: "In eternal warfare mankind has become great–in eternal peace mankind would be ruined."

            The Newman Club further declares it cannot support the anti-war movement because of the support being given by the National Student League. "Spotlight" is no position to judge the validity of the Newman Club's opposition to this League. We can, nevertheless, point to the support of the strike by the National Council of Methodist Youth, the Middle Atlantic Division of the Inter Seminary Movement, the Student League for Industrial Democracy, the American Youth Congress, the Youth Section of the American League Against War and Fascism, and the United Parents Association of New York–organizations in no way affiliated with this League.

            Participation in the April 12 walkout by no means involves endorsement of any policies of any organization. Those who are supporting the strike have committed themselves to nothing beyond opposition to fascism and imperialistic war.

            The Newman Club declares itself opposed not only to imperialist war but to all war. There are many people in the College who believe with them. Others condone defensive war or class war. But everyone is opposed at least to one kind of war–imperialist war. The adoption of the slogan "Strike Against Imperialist War" is thus acceptable to all anti-war groups.


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