Week 1

     Booklist,Syllabus, and Course Requirements
     CUNY Policy on Academic Integerity
     Standards for Evaluating Writing
     Using Your Blackboard Blog
     Group List
      Blog Assignment 1
     Maggie Lane, Jane Austen's World (1996)
     Providence (definitions)

Week 2

     Blog Assignment 2
     Bibliography: The Eighteenth Century British Novel
     Critics on Deoe and Robinson Crusoe

Week 3

     Blog Assignment 3

Week 4

     Blog Assingment 4
     F. Holmes Dudden,  Henry Fielding: His Life, Works, and Times (excerpt)
     Irony, Sarcasm, Satire
     Critics' Comments on Fielding and Joseph Andrews

Week 5

       Blog Assisgnment 5
       Fielding's Theory of the Novel

Week 6

     Blog Assignment 6
     English 31.5: Questions for Midterm
     Sterne & Tristram Shandy: Critics' Comments

Week 7

     No blog assignment
     Sensibility and Sentimental (OED)

Week 8

     Blog Assignment 7
     Obedience to Parents
     Clarissa: Definitions from the OED

Week 9

     Blog Assignment 8
     Writing Assignments and Equivalencies: English 3133

Week 10

     Blog Assignment 9

Week 11

     Blog Assignment 10
     Richardson's Clarissa: Critical Comments

Week 12

     No blog assignment

Week 13

     Blog Assignment 11
     Gothic Literature
     Ellen Moers, Literary Women

Week 14

     Study Guide for Final:  Questions