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Military Experience & the Creation of the Nation





bulletCook, chaps. 16-21
bullet Wars of the American Rev.
bullet Soldiers' Diary Excerpts
bullet Revolutionary War Journal of Capt. Joseph Bloomfield (Excerpts)



OVERVIEW: The nation was created in and through the experience of war. No matter how many battles they lost, the Continental Army, by sheer survival, kept the revolution alive and prepared the foundation for the nation. That military survival was Washington's great accomplishment.

The military experience created the nation in other ways:

bulletBrought men (and women) of separate regions into contact
bulletCreated  inter-colonial (and inter-state) cooperation for the war effort
bulletProvided materials for a national myth of heroes fighting for liberty


Significant  Battles
bullet Bunker Hill
bullet Battle of Quebec
bullet Battle of Brooklyn
bullet Battle of Trenton
bullet Battle of Princeton
bullet Battle of Saratoga and Battle of Saratoga
bullet Siege of Charleston
bullet Battle of King's Mountain
bullet Battle of Cowpens
bullet Battle of Guildford Couthouse
bullet Battle of Yorktown and Battle of Yorktown 

Timelines , war years, battles, and participants

Sir William Howe, an essay

Continental Officers
Horatio Gates
Nathanael Greene
Charles Lee
Henry Lee
Benjamin Lincoln
Daniel Morgan
George Washington

British Officers
Henry Clinton
Charles Cornwallis
Patrick Ferguson
Charles O'Hara
Banastre Tarleton

Intelligence in the War of Independence, a CIA site

Spy Letters of the American Revolution

Revolutionary War Journal of Capt. Joseph Bloomfield (Excerpts)

Wars of the American Revolution  

Supply Problems for the Continental Army

"Deeds of Desperate Valor": The First Rhode Island Regiment, Gretchen A. Adams