Inorganic & Material Chemistry
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Li, Jing

Professor of Chemistry

Wright-Rieman Labs

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Rutgers University

610 Taylor Road

Piscataway, NJ 08854

Tel.       732-445-2774 (office)




Lin, Wenbin

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry, CB #3290

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC 27599



Research Interests:  materials and catalytic chemistry


Sun, Sam-Shajing

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Center for Materials Research & Department of Chemistry

Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA 23504

(757) 823-2993, 757-823-9054 (fax)

Research Interests:  Nano and supramolecular structured electro active polymers


Wei, Yen

Professor of Chemistry and Director

The Center for Advanced Polymers and Materials Chemistry

Department of Chemistry, Drexel University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, USA

Tel. 215-895-2650; Fax 215-895-1265


Research Interests:  materials and biological chemistry


Yang, Peidong

Assistant Professor, University of California

Department of Chemistry

Berkeley, CA 94720

Tel: 510-643-1545, Fax: 510-642-7301



Research interest: chemistry and physics of nanoscale materials


Zhang, Jin Z.

Associate Professor of Chemistry

 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of California

 Santa Cruz, CA 95064, USA

(831)-459-3776 (o)

(831)-459-3912 (lab)

 (831)-459-2935 (FAX)




Zhang, X. Peter

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

University of Tennessee

614 Buehler Hall

Knoxville, TN 37996-1600


Tel: (865) 974-3419 (Office); (865) 974-8902 (Lab)

Fax: (865) 974-3454


Assistant: Ms. Georgina Wight (865-974-3452)

Research interests: Inorganic, Organic and Materials Chemistry

Web page: