Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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Guan, Xiangming

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy, Box 2202C

South Dakota State University(SDSU)

Brookings, SD 57007-0099

(605) 688-5314

(605) 688-5993 (fax)

College of Pharmacy, Box 2202C


Hu, Longqin

Assistant Professor

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Rutgers University School of Pharmacy

William Levine Hall, Room 314

160 Frelinghuysen Road

Piscataway, NJ 08854

Phone:  (732) 445-5291

Fax:    (732) 445-6312



Research interests: Bioorganic and medicinal chemistry


Liu, Jian

Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products

School of Pharmacy

University of North Carolina

Rm. 350 A, Taylor Hall

CB# 7090

(919) 843-6511

(919) 843-5432 (fax)

Research interests:  medicinal chemistry, glycobiology


Pan, Dongfeng

Assistant Professor

Department of Radiology

University of Virginia Health Sciences Center

P.O. Box 800170

Charlottesville, VA  22908


434-924-9435 (fax)


Wang, Binghe

Department of Chemistry
Georgia State University
33 Gilmer St. S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30303

Research Interests:  Bioorganic chemistry and medicinal chemistry


Zhao, Kang

College of Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Tianjin University

Teda, Tianjin


22-250-1717 (fax)

web site: