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Although all the links under Making Meaning on the Office homepage are meant for the interest of professional researchers, this page is specifically for new researchers and those new to the fields in which I work, including doctoral students.

New Works: Recent publications of my work and completed work in-press

In Progress: What I am currently working on; abstracts of upcoming talks and papers

What I've Been Reading lately, that may be of interest to you as well

Getting Started

If you'd like a quick introduction, from my point-of-view, to the fields of Social Semiotics, Discourse Analysis, and Ecosocial Theory, with links and references to other material, have a look at:

Major Theories: Who and What's Worth Knowing About

Important Texts: Authors and Titles

Major Researchers: Who's Who

Important Research Topics: Ideas on What's Worth Doing

Bibliography from Textual Politics (1995)

Bibliography on Discourse Analysis Methods

Bibliography on Qualitative Research: Theory & Methodology

The Gateway Glossary


Guidance for Doctoral Students
-- and new researchers

A Guide for the Perplexed

Ideas toward Dissertation Topics