A Companion Text for Core Studies 6


§ I. The Theory of Genres

Literary Genres
        Classification by Types
        How Literary Critics Have Used Genres

§ II. Tragedy: A Genre

        Greek Tragedy: Aristotle's Poetics
        Medieval Tragedy and the Wheel of Fortune
        Elizabethan or Shakespearean Tragedy
        The Problem Play or Drama of Ideas

Selections from Aristotle's Poetics

The Tragic Vision

§ III. Lyric Poetry: A Genre

Reading Lyric Poetry
        Lyric Poetry and Familiar Popular "Texts"
        Lyric Poetry: The Conventions We Already Know

The Lyric Stanza: A Convention

Lyric Epiphanies and Speakers

The Meditative Romantic Ode

§ IV. The Novel: A Genre

The Novel
        Development of the Novel
        Reasons for the Novel's Popularity
        Experimentation: The Developing Role of the Naarrator
        Proliferaiton of Types

Historical Background

Literary Periods
        The Period Concept
        Cautions and Qualifications
        Usefulness of the Concept
        Period Descriptors

Medieval View of Love
        The Chain of Being and Caritas
        Caritas vs. Amor
        Courtly Love

The Renaissance
        General Characteristics of the Renaissance
        The Great Chain of Being
        Political Implications of the Chain of Being
        Protestant Reformation
        Literary Ramifications

Shakespeare's Theater
        English Theater in the Mid-Sixteenth Century
        Shakespeare's Stage
        Shakespeare's Language
        Shakespeare's Multiple Perspectives
        How Not to Read Shakespeare

        Introduction to Neoclassicism
        The New Restraint
        Influence of the Classics
        Neoclassical Assumptions and Their Implications
        Social Themes
        The Age of Reason

        Introduction to Romanticism
        Historical Considerations
        Symbolism and Myth
        Other Concepts: Emotion, Lyric Poetry, and the Self
        Contrasts with Neoclassicism
        Individualism: The Romantic Hero
        The Everyday and the Exotic
        The Romantic Artist in Society
        Spread of the Romantic Spirit
        Recent Developments

Excerpts from A Guide to the Study of Literature: A Companion Text for Core Studies 6, Landmarks of Literature, ©English Department, Brooklyn College.

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