History 308
The United States and the Western Hemisphere
Fall 2006
KC Johnson

Inter-American relations from the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) until the present day.

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  • Exams (midterm on October 23, final TBA): 45%
  • Group Presentation (with paper on presentation topic): 30% (Description below)
  • Quizzes (six, based on reading, with the lowest grade dropped): 15%
  • Participation: 10%


August 30: Introduction

September 4: No classes--Labor Day

September 6: The Utrecht System

September 11: The Revolutionary Era

September 13: No class--change of schedule

September 18: Continental Expansionism

September 20: The International Scramble for the Caribbean

  • Luis Martinez-Fernandez, "Caudillos, Annexationism, and the Rivalry between Empires in the Dominican Republic, 1844-1874," Diplomatic History, Vol. 17,  pp.571-597.
    Clayton-Bulwer Treaty, 1850
    Senator John Hale (Free Soil-New Hampshire) criticizes US interventionism in Mexico, 1853
    Ostend Manifesto, 1854

September 25: Buchanan, Lincoln, and the Era of Extremes

September 27: The Battle over Expansionism

October 3: Progressivism and Hemispheric Affairs

October 4: Wilsonianism

October 9: No classes--Columbus Day

October 11: Reordering Empire

October 16: Crossroads of Empire

October 18: The Depression and Hemispheric Affairs

October 23: Midterm

October 25:

October 30:  World War II Comes to the Western Hemisphere

November 1: The Cold War Order

  • Piero Gleijeses, "The Agrarian Reform of Jacobo Arbenz," Journal of Latin American Studies, Vol. 21, No. 3 (Oct. 1989), pp. 453-480.
    Rio Conference, 1947
    The CIA defines assassination, 1953
    Caracas declaration, 1954

November 6: The United States and Castro

  • Piero Gleijeses, "Ships in the Night: The CIA, the White House and the Bay of Pigs," Journal of Latin American Studies, Vol. 27, No. 1 (Feb. 1995), pp. 1-42.
    Stephen Rabe, "The Caribbean Triangle: Betancourt, Castro, and Trujillo and U.S. Foreign Policy, 1958-1963," Diplomatic History, Vol. 20, pp. 55-78.

November 8: LBJ and the Western Hemisphere

  • Alan McPherson, "Courts of World Opinion: Trying the Panama Flag Riots of 1964," Diplomatic History, Vol. 28, pp. 83-112.

November 13: No Reading

November 15: Dealing with Dictators

November 20:  Human Rights Diplomacy and Inter-American Relations

  • David Schmitz and Vanessa Walker, "Jimmy Carter and the Foreign Policy of Human Rights: The Development of a Post-Cold War Foreign Policy," Diplomatic History, Vol. 28, pp. 113-143.

November 22: No classes--Thanksgiving Break

November 27: Reaganism

  • Mervyn Bain, "Cuba–Soviet Relations in the Gorbachev Era," Journal of Latin American Studies, Volume 37, pp. 769-791.
    Iran-contra affair

    Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh, "Concluding Observations," Iran-contra report

November 29: The Clinton Years

December 6: Cuba readings

December 11: Briefing Book

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